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Hoge A.J. - Effortless English / Английский без усилий (Аудиокнига)

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Hoge A.J. - Effortless English / Английский без усилий  (Аудиокнига)

Авторский аудио-курс английского языка для тех, кто долго учил язык, а вымолвить не может.

Effortless English uses the best research in the world, from top experts such as: Dr. Stephen Krashen, Dr. James Asher, Dr. J. Marvin Brown, Dr. Ashley Hastings, Dr. Brenda Murphy, David Long and Blaine Ray. The research is clear-- students who use Effortless English are better speakers than students who use textbooks, grammar, and self-study only. In every country, in every possible situation, students who learn with Effortless English methods always win against students who use old methods.

The course give you
* The incredible Way to Learn Vocabulary and Grammar Without Study-- Listen & Answer Mini-Stories. These lessons are simple and amazing. You learn grammar and vocabulary without study or memorizing.
* The Deep Learning method that helps members use English automatically. No more translating. No more thinking. The words just come out.
* The way to learn English in a relaxing way by listening to real English articles about interesting topics.
* The way to avoid grammar study and instead learn grammar like children-- naturally.
* How my best students learn, how they study,-- and how you can learn English faster.
* How to raise your iBT TOEFL speaking and listening scores 20%, 30%, or even 40%.
* Lessons that help you learn English 4X faster.
В раздаче:
1. Effortless English - Learn The 7 Rules For Excellent English - Семь общих правил, рекомендованных для изучения английского языка и на основе которых построен курс. Для ознакомления.
2. Effortless English - Original Lesson (New method learning english) (Level1 - 8 Lessons, Level2 - 8 Lessons, Level3 - 20 Lessons) - Be A Fantastic English Speaker.
3. Effortless English - Flow English (20 Lessons) - Master The Past Tense and Idioms.
Порядок уроков для Flow English
4. Effortless English - Success Business Lessons (9 Lessons) - Бизнес лексика.
5. Effortless English Podcast - набор подкастов, для разнообразия. Имеются повторы с материалами курса.

Требуемый уровень: Elementary. (Рекомендовано и для упорных начинающих).

Порядок прохождения одного урока, рекомендуемый автором (Продолжительность изучения одного урока 7-10 дней)
Suggested Lesson Order (Every Day Using The Same Set):
1. First, read the Text article. Read and review it, do not “study” it. Don’t try to memorize it.
2. Listen to the Vocabulary Lesson a few times
3. Listen to the Mini-Story Lesson several times
4. Listen to the Point of View Mini-Story, if there is one, a few times.
5. Listen to the Audio many times
6. Listen to the Commentary once (if there is one, and if you can understand it).

Название: Effortless English / Английский без усилий
Автор: Hoge A.J.
Жанр: аудиокурс, разговорный стиль
Издательство: effortlessenglishclub
Читает: Носители языка
Язык: American English, региональный акцент
Год выпуска: 2006-2008
Время звучания: 25:32:00
Формат: МР3, pdf
Тип: Аудиокнига
Качество: 128Kb/s
Размер: 4.18 GB

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